I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses (The Mixtape) Drops Today!!!!
October 14, 2008, 7:21 am
Filed under: Shawn Chrystopher

The day we have all been waiting for (atleast I have, but I’ma pretend like you have too because it makes me feel a hell of a lot better about myself) is FINALLY here!!!



I worked REALLY hard on this…more than I did on ANYTHING during my school years…and I hope know you will enjoy it!!

Visit: IllRoots.com, The4thQuarter.net, Married2theGame.com, DrtyKnux.com, RealtalkNY.Net, Eazeest.com, and all the other blogs out there who are showing me love and posting my mixtape for download on their sites!

Let me know if you like it!!

A few songs from the mixtape after the break…

La La – Shawn Chrystopher

Full House – Shawn Chrystopher

Inglewood Hero – Shawn Chrystopher

No need to thank me,

Shawn Chrys


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The mixtape is HOT!!! This is a must download.

Comment by Jason Waters

just learned about this today.. reppin it on my site though. send ur new shit my way just to not be like that “blogs” song. will post without trade! hahahaha

Comment by NASDANK.com

great mixtape!
lyrics r dope
was wonderin if i could get the lyrics somehow?
email me if you can send em?

Comment by zaz

Must say this mixtape is hot first listen and no song has been skipped yet. Good music at its finest. LoL you sure you not with Kanye haha

Comment by Mister Smith

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