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October 14, 2008, 7:20 am
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I finally decided to create a blog.  It was the best thing to do since 100,000 people (and even animals) alllll told me I should start a blog…mainly because, in their words “[my] life be crackin’ “. So since I’m not in the business to disappoint, I present to you: IWGsoWhat.TK

(My highschool graduation pic…I graduated at the age of 8…jk…lol)

This blog also helps me promote my new mixtape “I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses” (i really hate saying the word “new” because, you might read this for the first time a year from now and say “that shit aint new!”…my apologies).

Basically, “I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses” is a dope mixtape that tries to bridge the gap between the artists and the fans (a gap that was created by the artists in the first place).  Entertainers need to realize that we are all equal, so with that being said…I chose to tell everyone that….*whispers*…I wear glasses. I’m sure many of you do too…so thats something we have in common!

And with that said, this blog is about normal people (me and my friends). We aren’t any different that anyone else. So no, there wont be any exclusive Jay-Z freestyles, Kanye songs, shoes no one will be able to get their hands on, or yachts no one can afford….this blog is just showing you what i do day to day (and believe me..its VERY entertaining)

No need to thank me,

Shawn Chrys


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You Ugly.. LOL

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