HBO Entourage Mistake…
October 28, 2008, 1:52 am
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Everyone knows that Entourage is one of my favorite shows on Earth!

Every Sunday night (if I don’t have a show) you can catch me in front of a TV like this….

So, because I had a show in Studio City Sunday night

….me and my girl watched Entourage on Monday…

…and I saw a HUGE, DUMB mistake


Click ‘more’ to see what I’m talking about…

I’ll leave character names and plot synopsis out

so I won’t confuse those of you who don’t watch Entourage


But all you need to see is this:

There is NOOOOO reason why she should be talking on an iPhone UPSIDE DOWN!!



Alllllllllllllll those people working at HBO and it took lil ‘ol me to catch this??



oh well…….still my favorite show


No need to thank me,

Shawn Chrys


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WOW!!! Wats fuuny is tat all the homies have iPhones and I didnt catch that. U a smart nigga Shawn Chrystopher

Comment by sagacious1one1

LOL, i knew something was funny with that scene.

Comment by Santo Angelo

Damn I thought I was the biggest Entourage fan! Best show on TV… I watched that scene and I thought something was alittle funny but I couldnt point it out! lol

Good Shit Shawn!

Oh and thanks for the love over here at the 4th Quarter! Good Looking!

Comment by Just10

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