I Have the Best Fans
October 29, 2008, 1:49 am
Filed under: Shawn Chrystopher

I get asked thiS all the time so here’s my answer:


I read all the messages and comments you send me! And I do my best to respond to all of them!!


Yesterday, as I was checking my myspace

I got a DOPE message from a fan…here it is:

The message is from Toddi

She says that I have a “great sense of style”

and unlike most artists I “make sense when [I] flow”

but what she says next

is REALLY touching

Toddi goes on to say:

I was wondering if you do performances for schools? iknow its kinda odd to ask, but i would love for u to come and perform at my high school rally, for the simple fact that u are a wonderful artist who needs to be known at my school.

From what i have seen and heard of u, l0oks like u are a positive person…and sadly, most of the kids at my school d0nt kn0w any artist who have a positive, smart, and real mind set like you!

Personally, you are a role model for young teens and i think my school needs to see that. Well i would appreciate it if you would write me back….and thanx for reading this message… stay safe,……toddi.


No need to thank me


Shawn Chrys


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She makes a good point… you gotta lot’a talent.


Comment by VICTÓR×NEEDS:

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