Inglewood Hero Video!!!!
December 8, 2008, 4:20 am
Filed under: Shawn Chrystopher

Here is the video for “Inglewood Hero“!

The very first video off of my mixtape

“I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses”


I just want to start this by saying thank you to everyone
who has supported me
and everything that I have done, and tried to do with
 "I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses"...
as well as every other project I put my all into.

I took it upon myself to do something that's not the norm
and shoot a video for a mixtape track.
I wanted to do this to show people that my work
doesn't just stop at recording a couple songs.
I value EVERYONE's opinion as well
as EVERYONE's time that they have spent listening to me
rhyme over beats;
i wanted to give people a visual..of what was going
through my head as I freestyled over this beat.

I knew it had to be something different...something that,
after only watching the first 7 secs, people would say
"What the fuck is that?!"
And I stayed UP, no sleep,
working and editing my ass off to put this together,

Every hero needs a comic right?!

Hope you enjoy!!!
-Shawn Chrys

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Why the fuck is nobody writin shit???
I found this vid on a german website i loved it the very first moment…no homo-haha
just listened to your i.w.g.mixtape, watched near sighted #1&2…funny stuff.Really liking it
Put your album out-i will BUY it

Comment by Tobias Herrmann

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