January 27, 2009, 8:31 pm
Filed under: Shawn Chrystopher

I was in my studio, working on  a song for my album with the television on mute (like I always do) when a news story on the tv was brought to my attention.


The bottom of the screen read “Man shoots wife and 5 children to death.” I froze…cut off everything I was doing and immediately turned the television volume up.  The reporter was describing the event, stating that a man who was down about he and his wife both losing their jobs at Kaiser Permanente, and felt he had no other option,  shot and killed his innocent children, his wife, faxed a letter to his local news station before ultimately turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.


I felt so small at that moment.


I felt ashamed.


I talk sooo much shit about nonsense when there is SO MUCH more goin on in this world.


There is no doubt that music means everything to me, but it felt so pointless…so miniscule. I’m sitting in front of a Mac for 11 straight hours, mixing down a song for an album and there are 5 innoncent children who didn’t even get to see their lives fullfilled, killed by the very person who brought them into this world.


These past few months have shown us, with the events surrounding president Obama, that ANYONE can be ANYTHING. Here you have 5 beautiful black children, all under the age of 8 and ANY ONE OF THEM could have been the future President of our country.


This sickens me.


I know life will go on, it always does. I know I will continue working on my album. But all I ask is that you never forget this event, and events just like it. Make your life meaningful, no matter what you do be the BEST at it; make your life count!!


I have a 6 year old sister who I love to death, and just seeing those kids faces on the screen hurt me more than anything because it was like I saw 5 different pictures of her. And if something like that were to happen to me…..honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do.


All I ask is that you put meaning and effort into your life and everything you do…and cherish the moments you have.


Rest in Peace Brittney, Jaszmin, Jassely, Benjamin, and Christian.


Shawn Chrystopher



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Not only is this situation extremely sad, it is heartbreaking to know that this is not an isolated incident. 3 months ago in Porter Ranch, we witnessed a very similar circumstance….as a people we have to stay faithful, and grounded, which is often hard to do in times like these. Great post.

Comment by Jazzy

It’s just like that Bob Dylan song The Ballad Of Hollis Brown. Damn.

Comment by Dexter Von Doom

man that post was extremely inspiring/motivating…events like that forces you to re-evaluate life and put everything into perspective. life is too precious and we always tend to take it for granted!

thanks for humbling me…

Comment by lorenzo

Man I always think to myself, if your so unhappy with your current situation and want to end it all, Kill yourself, go ahead, be my guest but don’t take the lives of your family that are more than likely not as unhappy as you are I bet they will make it without you too. Call me mean but the 1 women and 5 girls in this situation would have worked it out in time.

Comment by Sito

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