–Meaning Behind Title–

IWG: I Wear Glasses is not just some random thought that came into my head, nor is it based solely on the fact that I actually do wear glasses.

This blog is connected to my mixtape “I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses” where the premise is show a common ground between the musician and the fan.

We are living in a time where musicians are able to create the music they love and in return live a lifestyle millions of people dream of: fancy cars, big homes, and vacations all over the world. However, as artists climb the ladder of success, they soon begin to lose touch with the fans on a more personal level, forgetting about the people who made them who they are. Not just in hip-hop, but in every genre we have artists who tend to deeply believe the praises fans express to the point where many artists feel they are better than their fans. Artists begin believing that they are on a higher plane than the ones who listen to and buy their music, as if they are residents of a more promising community of beautiful people and everyone else is left on the outside looking in.

With “I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses” I plan to re-connect with the ones who matter the most, the fans, by using corrective lenses as a means to display a common ground.

Hope you enjoy!!


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